21 July, 2008


A primary president, a high councillor, and a bishop sat on the front row of a airplane flight that was hijacked. When the hijackers' demands were refused, they threatened to shoot some passengers, starting with the first row. The primary president asked for one last wish; to sing her favorite primary song. The hijacker said that would be fine, then asked the high councillor and bishop if they also had a last wish. The high councillor requested that after the song he be allowed to stand and give the talk he had prepared to give in sacrament meeting that next Sunday. The hijacker agreed, then turned to the bishop. The bishop motioned for the hijacker to come closer and whispered in his ear, "Please shoot me after the song."

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Cocoa said...

Haha! So Anna's the Primary President, Jojo's the bishop, who's the unfortunate High Councilman? Your dad or James?